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Minutes out of Hours

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decision [Aug. 26th, 2006|07:11 pm]
Minutes out of Hours


title: decision
author: callisto24
fandom: 24
charakters: Jack/Chase
category:a very short one, piece of nonsense
theme: Jack and Chase at work, pre S3
Word Count: 304
Rating: PG-13/ FRT
Disclaimer: nothing belongs to me, no money made...

“Do it,” Jack hissed. “What are you waiting for? Wére running out of time.”
“Easy, Jack,” Chase responded nervously. “I have to think about it.”
Cursing slightly between his teeth, Jack let his head sink against the back of his car seat, fingers tapping impatiently against the windshield.
“The guy outside becomes restless, too,” he growled and watched Chase angrily.
The young man blinked, but still hesitated.
Jack ranted inside. The kid would drive him crazy sooner or later. Furious he shoved his fist against the dashboard.
He hated these cars. How many hours had they already been forced to spend together in a prison made of tin-plate like this, waiting for one short moment, which regularly wasńt worth the effort.
“Ok - got it!” Chase looked at him determined.
“Alright. Count to three,” Jack commanded.
“Oh my God!” Chase breathed heavily.
“The Lord has nothing to do with this.” Jack looked at him, testing. “I won! You lost! No doubt about it. Stone beats scissors.” He grinned.
“Sorry boy! Your turn.”
Chase resigned, sighed, pushed the jammed door of their squashed vehicle open and squeezed himself through the narrow crack.
“Come on, Chase. It was a fair game, and one of us has to tell Tony.”
“Sure,” Chase mumbled, threw a short glance over his shoulder to Jack, who weared a satisfied smile on his lips, and started to climb the mushy ditch, past the crashed cars, past their tied up adversary and their broken handies, which Jack had used to knock out the fugitive.
How could he explain again, that they had ruined another CTU car, and why has it always to be him, left alone to do the most difficult jobs by himself?
‘One day’ he thought. ‘One day I will show Jack what kind of man I am.’